Mas madaling mahuli ang manok na nakatali. Wag ka nga lang magpapahuli sa may-ari.


Literally: It is easier to catch the chicken who is tied. Just don’t let the owner catch you.

Connotative: It’s a Filipino analogy to relationships – it’s easier to catch/steal a person who is already committed/tied to someone else, just beware / don’t let them catch you. But hey, don’t do that. Haha.


A person who surrenders when he’s wrong is honest. He who surrenders when he’s not sure is wise. He who surrenders even when he’s right is a husband!

Husband and Wife

This is a Filipino joke my dear readers.

WIFE: Bakit ka umiiyak? Silver Anniversary natin!

HUSBAND: Naalala ko lang noon nahuli tayo ng tatay mo at tinutukan niya ako ng shot gun tapos pinapili ako kung kasal o kulong ng 25 taon.

WIFE: Oo, naaalala ko rin pero bakit ka nga malungkot?

HUSBAND: Laya na sana ako ngayon.

Hahahaha 😀


I’ll try translating it in English.

WIFE: Why are you crying? It’s our Silver Anniversary!

HUSBAND: Remember when your father caught us and he directed his shot gun at me, and made me choose between marriage or jail for 25 years?

WIFE: Yes, I remember, but why are you sad?

HUSBAND: I should have been free now.

Hahahaha 😀

Teachers call it cheating. But we call it unity.

Conversation Joke

Si Mister nakita ang 3 butil ng bigas at 45 pesos sa drawer ni Misis.
Mister: Ano ‘to?
Misis: Uhm, honey. Magtatapat na ako. T’wing nagtataksil ako sa’yo naglalagay ako ng isang butil ng bigas sa drawer.
Mister: E ano yung 25 pesos?
Misis: Noong naging 1 kilo na yung bigas, binenta ko na. Sayang eh.


Husband found 3 grains of rice and a dollar in his wife’s drawer.
Husband: What’s this?
Wife: Honey, I have to tell you something. Everytime I cheat on you I place one grain of rice in the drawer.
Husband: And what about the dollar?
Wife: When the rice grains amounted to 1 kilo, I sold it.

*I don’t know how much exactly is 1 kilo of rice nowadays here in the country. But you know what I mean. Hahaha*

College life is so easy. No sweat. All you have to do is stare at your professor and wait. Wait until tiny drops of blood comes out of your nose. See? No sweat. Just blood.

Kung magiging hayop ka sa next life mo, hindi ka pa ba nagsasawa?

Translation: If you are going to be an animal in your next life, haven’t you had enough?