A cute Filipino story: Batang Makulit (A story of positivity, I think.)

May isang batang sobrang kulit. Kahit anong gawin ng ama, hindi pa rin tumitino. Sa galit ng ama, inilagay niya ang bata sa sako at sinabit.

Anak: Itay!!!

Ama: (naawa) Ano?

Anak: Itay!!!

Lumapit ang ama sa sako.

Ama: Ano, titino ka na?

Anak: Paki-swing naman! πŸ™‚



Translation: There was once a very naughty kid. His father did everything to straighten him up, but still the kid wouldn’t behave. One day his father got really mad, placed him inside a sack, and hanged it to a tree.

Kid: Dad!!!

Father: What?

Kid: Dad!!!

His father went near the sack.

Father: Are you going to be behave now?

Kid: Push the sack so I could swing!!! πŸ™‚


What did you say again? Type it, coward.

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