Conversation Joke

Si Mister nakita ang 3 butil ng bigas at 45 pesos sa drawer ni Misis.
Mister: Ano ‘to?
Misis: Uhm, honey. Magtatapat na ako. T’wing nagtataksil ako sa’yo naglalagay ako ng isang butil ng bigas sa drawer.
Mister: E ano yung 25 pesos?
Misis: Noong naging 1 kilo na yung bigas, binenta ko na. Sayang eh.


Husband found 3 grains of rice and a dollar in his wife’s drawer.
Husband: What’s this?
Wife: Honey, I have to tell you something. Everytime I cheat on you I place one grain of rice in the drawer.
Husband: And what about the dollar?
Wife: When the rice grains amounted to 1 kilo, I sold it.

*I don’t know how much exactly is 1 kilo of rice nowadays here in the country. But you know what I mean. Hahaha*


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